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Mailbox Shelters Help Your Community Meet USPS Standards

For multi-point residential facilities, the U.S. Postal Service provides specific standards for the placement of mailbox clusters for apartment complexes and other communities.  If the mailbox cluster is not located indoors, an outdoor centralized location may be used. However, the structure's "design and location must provide maximum protection from the weather, including driving rain, and provide adequate nighttime lighting," according to USPS National Delivery Planning Standards.

Mailbox Shelters Designs For Existing & New Projects

Panel Built's mailbox shelters are offered in both standard and fully customizable options.  Panel Built can offer a two-post overhead mailbox canopy for simple, straightforward projects. However, for those looking to a more specialized solution, Panel Built offers mailbox shelters with full side walls, electrical outlets, lighting, and more.  Whether you are looking for custom dimensions, aesthetics, or security integration, Panel Built can help you find the best mail shelter or canopy design for your project. 

Mailbox Shelters Manufacturer With Professional Installation

Panel Built, Inc. manufactures and installs metal mailbox shelters and canopies for projects all over.  Panel Built operates in all 50 states and internationally with a network of installers all across the country.  Panel Built is able to design, engineer, manufacture, ship, and install your new structure, ensuring your new shelter is always in the hands of a trained professional.  Panel Built offers custom designs to meet state and local building requirements. 

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