Mezzanine Decking Options

One of the most common options for decking a mezzanine is to use corrugated steel decking material covered by a layer of Advantech. Advantech is a high-quality product superior to ordinary plywood and OSB options due to its enhanced strength, stiffness, and moisture resistance. Its advanced density provides a solid and secure resistance to foot traffic and is designed to withstand weather conditions better than ordinary plywood. This decking method is considered to be our most economical selection and materials are readily available.

Another viable option similar to Advantech is ResinDek. Resindek is a high-density composite flooring recommended for mezzanines requiring a solid floor subject to heavy loads from the use of pallet jacks, carts or dollies. This option is installed over 20g. corrugated steel decking and has a load capacity of up to 2,000 lbs. It has an acryseal surface which is not only skid-resistant but also easy to clean. Available in a Gray Diamond Seal finish, ResinDek is ideal for interior decking where heavier loads and/or a more “finished” look are desired.

Steel Bar Grating
There is one other option for mezzanine floors which is preferred in many applications because of the insurance benefits. Welded grating, is a common choice in the waste management, mining, and food service industries. Steel grating allows for air, light, heat, and fluids to pass through the deck surface. It is strong, durable and virtually maintenance free. Welded grating is a system of interlocking, perpendicular bars; it provides a smooth clean look and excellent lateral support. Steel grating can be an economical choice due to the fact that in many cases, insurance companies will only require sprinkler systems above the mezzanine, since the open grating allows the water to reach lower levels.

Diamond Plate
If durability is a serious factor in your decking decision, you may want to consider a diamond plate floor. Heavy duty steel tread plate(diamond plate) is generally installed over Advantech. Advantech is mounted over corrugated steel deck to provide greater durability with higher point load and wheel load capacities. 

It also enables a quiet floor for the work environment as opposed to having diamond plate directly over a steel deck. This decking is considered to be our second most durable flooring.

The most durable type of mezzanine flooring by far is concrete. With a high point load and minimal transmission of noise through the deck, concrete should be used in high capacity industrial and military applications where the mezzanine is considered to be permanent. Steel decking is provided with pour stop needed to pour up to a 6-inch concrete floor.

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