Modular Jail Cells | Prefabricated Steel Prison Cells

Modular Jail Cells Formed From Heavy-Duty Steel

Just like our welded line of guardhouses, Panel Built's modular jail cells are fabricated from a highly durable steel design. This method creates stackable jail cells that easily support the weight of the cells above, but it also maximizes the lifespan of the structure. With the wear of a prison or jail population, Panel Built's jail cells ensure your units can withstand the rigors of longterm, everyday use. 

From Standard to Fully Custom Modular Jail Cell Design

Because the most economical solution is usually preferred for these units,  Therefore, the most frequent cell size will be a standard 6ft x 8ft to provide the most efficient use of a facility's available space. However, Panel Built offers modular jail cells in custom sizes with a variety of amenities that can be included. If you're looking at a highly custom project, let us know, and we will adapt our design to meet your specific needs. 

Prefab Prison Cells Offer All of the Advantages of Modular 

All of Panel Built's Jail Cell Units are fabricated in one of our excellent modular construction facilities. Our streamlined manufacturing process helps Panel Built deliver your project quickly, efficiently, and affordably.  With Panel Built, products move from one specialized station to the next, meaning your project is always in the hands of an expert.

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