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Modular Office Walls Fit Into Practically Any Environment

Panel Built's modular structures are often used in military, manufacturing, and warehousing environments. However, our modular office walls can fit into a variety of different facilities, ranging from commercial offices to educational facilities. Using our composite wall panel system, our wall facings can have a variety of colors and finishes in order to be seamlessly integrated into your building.

Endless Modular Office Wall Layouts

Our modular office walls utilize a panelized wall system with each panel linked together with a binder post. The binder post not only works as a way to fit wall panels together but as functions as a chase to run electric and data lines through. This binder post + wall panel system ensures that our prefabricated wall system can perfectly match up with the office layout that you're looking for.

Quickly and Easily Installed into Your Facility

Our panelized wall system not only allows endless layouts but also allows you to install these new offices into your facility as conveniently as possible. With the wall systems delivered to your facility prefabricated, you will have all the materials needed to instantly get your wall system up and put to good use. Coupled with Panel Built's fast modular office lead times, we provide some of the quickest space solutions in the industry.

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