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Prefab Operator Booths Offer A Comfortable Environment
As a Prefabricated manufacturer of operator booths, Panel Built, Inc. offers custom solutions to perfectly fit your project's needs.  Although our operator booths are pre-assembled in one of our modular construction facilities, each building is provided with a variety of options, like custom windows ( full panel, sliding glass, tinted, or anti-glare), angled walls, and increase R-Value, insulated wall panels. All of these options and features are provided in order to ensure your operators can work in a calm, controlled environment to stay productive and focused throughout their shift.

Ballistic Rated Operators Booth Designs
Our Operator Booths come in both interior and exterior varieties, depending on the use of the structure.  However, beyond that, Panel Built has engineered a ballistic rated operator booth design for high threat level environments.  Like our line of ballistic rated guard booths, Panel Built's machine & plant operator booths can be integrated with ballistic rated materials to help provide additional protection for your employees.  

Can Be Designed to Both OSHA and IBC Code
As Panel Built custom fabricates all of our Operator Booths, we are able to ensure your new building fits within either OSHA and/or IBC requirements.  In louder manufacturing environments, our machine operator booths can be fabricated with an additional layer of sound-deadening materials to reduce the noise level inside the building. 

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Flexibility Meets Quality
Panel Built modular offices, mezzanines, and booths are easily relocatable. Because they are made in our modular construction facilities, our products are ready 40 percent faster than stick-built.  Matchless strength and durability is the “core” of our building quality. Our light-weight, highly portable structural panels meet all military specifications and exceed most national building codes and OSHA requirements.