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Fully Custom Operator Cab Manufacturer

Panel Built's operator cabs or operator cabins are fully custom-designed, engineered, and manufactured. The cabs can be made out of a heavy-duty welded steel design or an economical, panelized design. The welded steel line of operator cabins can be engineered to have high wind load ratings, blast resistance, and weather resistance.

Operator Booths for Indoor and Outdoor Environments

With the heavy-duty fabrication that goes into each operator cabin, the buildings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. For the outdoors, our steel buildings are galvanized and painted using our powder coating system, keeping them highly durable and resistant to harsh weather. For the indoors, they can be equipped with additional sound-deadening materials to provide a highly controlled environment inside the building. Plus, with the operator booth fully fabricated out of welded steel, the exterior of the building can be easily cleaned if the area is prone to dirt, dust, or grime. 

Ballistic Rated Operator Cab Options

Panel Built manufactures operator cabins and buildings capable of meeting blast resistance and bullet resistance ratings. If your operator cab is going into chemical facilities or operate next to potentially combustible machinery or materials, a ballistic rated operator cabin may be required in order to ensure the safety of the person or crew inside.   

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