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Prefabricated Building Manufacturing & Installation 

Panel Built, Inc. is a prefabricated building manufacturer and installer , operating all across the United States and internationally. Panel Built prefabricated buildings are constructed at a specialized modular construction facility and are shipped to the project site, ready for installation. Prefab buildings equal less mess and a highly durable building built for transportation. 

Prefab Buildings Delivered Pre-Assembled or "Knock-Down"

Panel Built's prefabricated buildings can be delivered fully pre-assembled, in shippable sections, or in full knock down kits. The system was designed for industrial, commercial, and military applications that can require immediate space solutions with little to no notice. Panel Built offers fully custom prefabricated buildings to suite unique and highly specialized applications. 

Customizable For A Variety of Applications

Panel Built prefab structures have been used for security installations, office space, equipment enclosures, military towers, ballistic buildings, and more.  Panel Built buildings while prefabricated, allow you to fully customize your building's layout and dimensions .  Just let us know what you are looking for and we will get a quote together for you! 

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Our Panelized System Gives You Flexibility in Design

Our premanufactured and modular buildings are formed from our signature wall panel design.  Like our in-plant offices, Panel Built's exterior building can utilize the same panelized wall system to create entirely unique buildings and layouts. Simply let us know what dimensions your building requires, and we will adapt our system to match!

Can Be Designed For State & Local Requirements

Operating across the United States, our buildings have to meet a wide range of requirements depending on the installation site.  To meet these requirements, Panel Built utilizes a building system that already meets most codes and compliances. However, Panel Built can tweak our buildings to meet more stringent requirements if needed. xyxyxyxyxyx

The Benefits of Going Prefabricated!

Prefabricated construction offers a variety of benefits over traditional, stick-built designs.  One of the biggest benefits is time. With a prefab design, the building components will be fully fabricated in our facilities and shipped to you for fast, convenient assembly.  This saves you time, but will also save you money with the cost of labor as well. 

 Further, most Panel Built prefabricated buildings can be moved from place to place, offering you future flexibility. If your business moves to another location, in most cases, your modular building can move along with you!  Unlike traditional construction, Panel Built prefabricated structures are manufactured and assembled in a highly controlled, factory environment.  This specialized facility ensures a streamlines building process with top-of-the-line efficiency and minimal delays in the construction process.  All of these benefits equal a quicker, more reliable building product that saves you money on installation costs. 

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