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Press Box Solutions for All Levels and Types of Sports
Modular press boxes are prefabricated and can be outfitted with a number of accessories to make the building fit your particular use. Sliding glass and tinted windows are both available. Plus, the press box's roof can be converted to a fully functioning film or observation deck to give coaches a bird's eye view of the action below.  Panel Built provides modular press box solutions for institutions both large and small, ranging from public sports parks to high schools to D-1 NCAA programs.  Let us know what you need, and we will craft the appropriate space solution for you.

Prefabricated, Yet Custom Press Boxes For Fast Installation
Panel Built modular press boxes provide a high value, functional space for announcers, media, and special guests. The prefabricated press boxes are attachable to custom platforms or existing bleachers. Create an individual look to fit your home team with our customization options!  Panel Built's Modular Press Boxes are all custom-made and built to order. Panel Built's press boxes can utilize our panelized or welded steel building design.  The buildings are available as pre-assembled, which are crane-lifted into place or "assemble on site." 


Delivered By An Experienced Press Box Manufacturer
Panel Built's standard press box design utilizes our signature 4' wide sandwich wall panels. Linking these panels together with our specialized connections, Panel Built is capable of designing a wide range of press box layouts and designs.  As Panel Built is a turn-key press box provider, we are able to fabricate your entire building in-house, delivering the structure to the field atop a flat-bed truck.  Panel Built also offers full off-load and anchoring services to ensure every step of your press box project is always in the hands of a trained professional. 

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Free 3D Rendering with Your Press Box Quote!
Panel Built offers a free, no obligation 3D rendering of your specific press box project with each quote that we provide. These videos and photos are designed to help you visualize your press box project