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Commercial & Industrial Pump House Solutions
Note: Panel Built pump houses are designed primarily for commercial & industrial rated pumps.  Our panelized pump house wall system requires a concrete base for anchoring. 

Available in Panelized, or Welded Steel Framed Designs. 

Panel Built's line of pump houses are designed for large commercial and industrial pump enclosure projects.  Our wall system is designed to anchor into either a concrete pad (or steel base) and be installed either around or over the pump on-site.  Our building system allows for fully custom designs, capable of fitting around unique commercial pumps.  Panel Built prefab buildings can be outfitted with additional security or sound dampening features.  Panel Built delivers pump houses all across the United States and can design to meet state and local requirements. 

Custom Pump Houses Prefabricated From A Variety of Materials

Panel Built's Modular Pump Houses can be fabricated from a number of different material options. First, the enclosure can be formed from one of two basic Pump House designs: Panelized or Welded Steel.  Our panelized option provides a variety of different internal and external wall facings, including but not limited to, vinyl-covered gypsum (interior facing), stucco-embossed & smooth steel, stucco-embossed & smooth aluminum, Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and more!  The welded steel design offers a more robust wall system capable of meeting high wind loads and incorporating ballistic rated properties.  The welded steel-framed version is provided with an exterior-rated powder coating for weather resistance and a variety of color options.

Pump Houses Offer Protection Against the Elements

Prefab Pump Houses offer an easy and convenient way to protect your pump investment.  The building creates a weather-tight envelope that offers protection against rust and corrosion.  Additionally, the enclosures create a controlled environment for the pump to operate within, regulating the temperature and humidity inside.  Our buildings are also used to reduce noise pollution from industrial pumps.  Especially when installing in close proximity to residential or public properties, pump houses may be needed to offer sound attenuation for a pump system.

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