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Prefabricated, Yet Custom Rappel Tower Solutions

Panel Built manufactures custom rappel training towers for the tactical training of military and JROTC organizations. , these towers must be safe and sturdy to serve their purpose. Panel Built designs towers to meet IBC regulations and finishes with our powder coat system for extra durability.

 Rappelling Training Towers can be designed with multiple platforms and options of stair systems and ladders depending on the project. Panel Built training towers help ensure your team members are prepared for a wide range of scenarios including fast rope, tight spaces training, rock climbing, sniper training, and more.  In addition to rappelling, your tower system can incorporate these other features to create a multi-purpose design.

Designed To Meet Military Specifications & Requirements

Overall, Panel Built has designed, engineered, and constructed prefabricated towers for endless configurations. Panel Built has designed and manufactured sniper towers, guard towers, challenge courses with zip lines, control towers, and more, working with a variety of government organizations. Panel Built exterior tower systems are equipped with an exterior rated powder coating to promote durability and weather resistance.  Alternatively, tower components can be galvanized to provide a corrosion resistant layer to the structure.
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