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Panel Built prefabricated security booths have been installed in facilities of all types, from our local school system to the United States military bases overseas.  With 25 years in the industry, Panel Built offers a wide variety of guard booth options and features to ensure your new building properly protects and enforces your physical security team.  Panel Built buildings range from a single-person, 4'x4' booth to multi-room prefabricated security offices.  Let us know your requirements, and we will help you find the right design.

Custom & Standard Security Booth Options

Panel Built offers standard and custom booths with architectural designs.  Panel Built prefabricated buildings are prewired for electrical with a load center. We provide panelized and welded steel framed versions of our buildings depending on your application. Both can be outfitted with various options and accessories, including exterior floor lights, tinted windows, interior restrooms, overhanging roofs, HVAC and add-on security features.  

Let Us Know What You Need In Your Security Booth!

Panel Built understands that our customers can have a variety of requirements for their projects.  Whether need a fast or a highly specialized solution, Panel Built can help deliver the best security booth solution for you.   Reach out via one of the options below, and we will help you determine the best solution.

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Instantly Bolster Your Security Presence On-Site

According to the NIJ, the certainty of being caught is a stronger deterrent to crime than actual punishment.  Your facility can capitalize on this by showing that you have an active security presence on-site surveilling the area.  With a security booth at the entrance of your facility, it shows would-be threats that your organization takes security seriously. Panel Built's buildings can be equipped with HVAC, restrooms, workstations, and more to provide a calm, comfortable environment for your security personnel.

Security Solutions For Organizations of All Types

Unfortunately, organizations of all types have to keep security at the forefront to protect their people and property.  Panel Built has operated in the modular construction industry for over 25 years providing guard booths for Fortune 500 companies, branches of the US Military, government facilities, school systems, religious institutions and more.  We can help you find the right solutions to keep your facility safe, from trailer mounted booths to ballistic rated buildings

Past Security Booth Projects

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Trailer Mounted Guard Booth
Custom Security Booth
Booth with Custom Roof Fascia
Grey Security Guard Booth
Security Building with Restroom
Security Roof with Blue Roof
Building with Hip Roof & Rock Siding
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