Security Vestibules | Ballistic & Bullet-Resistant Vestibules & Mantraps

Easy Prefabricated Security Addition To Your Facility 

Oftentimes, Panel Built's prefabricated entry vestibules are used as a way for customers to control the heat and airflow in their facilities. By ensuring one of the doors to the entrance is always closed, it reduces the hot air that escapes from the building. These are especially useful for companies or buildings with high traffic in which the door is opened frequently. In much the same way, a vestibule can boost a facility's security.

Creating an Instant Bufferzone with your Security Vestibule

Operating as a buffer zone to the entrance of your facility, a security vestibule offers an additional layer of access control. By using interlocking doors, both sets of doors cannot be opened at a single time. With the vestibule/mantrap entry being monitored and controlled at all times, your security or administrative team can ensure the person attempting to enter the building has the clearance to do so. Panel Built's mantraps and security vestibules can also incorporate additional security measures into the design like PIN pads or badge scanners, depending on your facility's needs.  

Ballistic Rated & Bullet Resistant Security Vestibules Available

Like Panel Built's line of Ballistic Rated Guard Houses, our security vestibules can incorporate ballistic rated materials to ensure the highest levels of security. Panel Built can fabricated our ballistic rated mantraps and security vestibules to all NIJ and UL 752's bullet resistance levels.

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Additional Security Products
Long-Lasting Durability 
Matchless strength and durability is the “core” of our building quality. Entry Vestibules can be designed to meet all military specifications and exceed most national building codes and ADA requirements.
Super Sales Support
Our dedicated sales team provides confidential free quotes and CAD drawings to help get your project underway. Our team is available to answer any questions about a quotation, an order, freight options or project changes.
Future Flexibility
Panel Built modular offices and mezzanines are 100% relocatable and expandable. Because they are made onsite, our products are ready 40 percent faster than stick-built.