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Server Rooms Help Ensure A Controlled Environment

When planning a server room it is important to make sure temperature, humidity, and contaminants are all controlled. Panel Built's prefabricated server rooms make use of 3" thick composite panels and can include 1-hour fire rated walls, as well as HEPA filters to ensure full environmental control. 

Panel Built systems have an effective way to meet these needs and more. Like many companies, a server room does not always need a building to its self. With modular construction, you can utilize an existing space in your facility, and turn the space into your very own modular server room.

Prefabricated, Yet Custom Server Room Design

Our prefabricated server rooms make use of the same binder-post system as our modular office systems. However, the materials the wall panel is composed of can be adapted to fit the needs of your specific server room.  

Perhaps the biggest benefit of our system is that it has the ability to be easily expanded in the future. So, as your servers grow, your server room can grow with it.

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