Welded Steel Buildings | Steel Fabricated Buildings

Heavy-Duty, Long Lasting Commercial Steel Buildings

Panel Built Welded Steel Buildings are able to create highly custom and specialized security booths, equipment buildings, operator cabins, guard towers, and more!  The highly flexible design allows for Panel Built to create steel buildings for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.  With the welded steel frame design, the buildings are highly durable, designed to withstand practically any environment, ranging from military bases to mining operations.  

Custom Designs For Architectural,  High Security, and More Applications!

The strong steel frame allows for the buildings to incorporate ballistic rated building materials, capable of creating bullet resistant and Forced Entry/Ballistic Rated building systems.  In addition to high security, the steel frame allows for increased architectural possibilities, capable of forming special configurations, fascia, finishes, architectural paneling, and more. This flexibility allows Panel Built to seamlessly blend into your existing facilities. 

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