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Mezzanines Provide An Instant Storage Upgrade For Your Facility

As your company grows, so does the need for floor space and storage. Installing a Mezzanine in your facility doubles your usable space while taking up minimal space on the factory floor below.  By taking advantage of the unused vertical space in your building, companies can quickly and conveniently add storage space, reducing clutter and creating an overall more well organized facility. 

Panel Built Mezzanines Offer Fully Customizable Designs 

Our metal fabrication facility can create fully custom mezzanine designs with unique dimensions, heights, spans, decking materials, railing options, and more! With a constant emphasis on quality and customer service, Panel Built aims to solve the exact space issue your business if facing.  Whether you are in need of a small, simple solution or a complex, multi-story platform, Panel Built will work with you to find the right solution for you!  Because of our highly flexible options, Panel Built's structural steel mezzanines have been used in a variety of applications from equipment access platforms to observation towers. 

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Storage Solutions As Simple or Complex As You Need

Panel Built's bolt-together steel design allows for fast and convenient installation at the project site.  For our custom projects, Panel Built's sales and engineering teams can work with you to create a storage mezzanine solution that best fits your existing layout.  Through our network of trusted dealers and outside salespeople, Panel Built offers site visits to properly measure and layout your new structure to get the most out of your facility. 

Built To Your Code Requirements - Including IBC & OSHA 

Panel Built is a modular manufacturer that serves all of the United States and some areas internationally.  To accomplish this, we engineer our structures to meet the specific building code requirements for your project - including IBC & OSHA compliant stair systems and guard rails. Panel Built's standard load rating is 125 PSF (Pounds per Square Foot). However, this rating can be adjusted higher or lower if needed. 

Get A 3D Rendering With Your Quote!

For each mezzanine and work platform project we quote, Panel Built offers a detailed 3D rendering of your project (free of charge) to better visualize your new structure.

Backed By Over 25 Years of Modular Excellence

Working in the modular construction industry since 1995, Panel Built has had the honor of completing thousands of projects for companies and organizations of all types from Fortune 500 companies to our local school system.  Our knowledgeable, customer-service-driven team has the experience and know-how to maximize your floor space efficiently and affordably

With The Options & Features Your Facility Needs

To create the best structures possible, Panel Built provides a variety of features to help you customize your mezzanine platform. To safely load and unload your equipment and materials, Panel Built offers our own line of safety gates, including swing, lift-out, sliding, and pivot gate designs! Further, we offer decking options that ranging from affordable to highly specialized depending on your project.  
Examples of Past Projects!
Outdoor Equipment Platform
Outdoor Equipment Platform
Heavy Storage Mezzanine
Heavy Storage Platform
Cantilevered Mezzanine Deck
Mancave Mezzanine
Warehouse Mezzanine with High Decking
Warehouse Mezz with High Deck
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