COVID-19 Swab Booths | Virus Testing Booth

Fast Swab Booth Delivery & Instant Installation

Currently, many cities and states are looking for fast, efficient, and safe ways to offer the COVID-19 test to their citizens. Panel Built's swab testing booths would create a secure environment for healthcare professionals to test a large number of patients as quickly as they can gather a sample.  Swab Booths offer a controlled environment with a glove-ports installed into a glass or plexiglass window to allow for the testing of patients behind a protective envelope.

Flexible, Prefabricated Virus Testing Booth Solution

While Panel Built's Virus Testing Booths are prefabricated in our modular construction facilities. each booth can be specially designed for your specific needs. Generally, the booths are configured as a small, exterior, one-person booth, with just enough room to provide the testing through the installed glove-ports; however, if another layout would better fit your facility's testing needs, our booths can be adapted to best fit you needs. The booths may be designed for exterior and/or interior testing environments.

Proven Modular Construction Excellence

As a prefabricated construction provider for 25 years, Panel Built, Inc. has one of the most efficient production lines in the business. Panel Built's modular manufacturing techniques allow for the assembly of swab testing booths quicker than stick-built alternatives, providing you with a testing space as soon as possible. Panel Built's swab booths utilize the same panelized wall system as our other exterior buildings, creating a space quickly and conveniently for you.

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