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Temperature Screening Structures from Screening Booths to Vestibules Additions
Depending on the specific layout of your facility or campus, there may be different screening methods that best fit your needs. For example, some facilities have opted to add an additional Temperature Screening Room on to the exterior of their building to create an additional layer of security in which the screening process can occur. These facilities opt to create a vestibule or mantrap structure at the facilities entrance, where employees, students, patients, etc. can have their temperature taken via an infrared thermometer. If the person does not register a fever, they would not be granted entry into the facility. 

Prefabricated Self Contained Exterior Screening Booths

For other facilities, this may not be the best option due to space limitations or personal preference. For these facilities, we can provide mobile, temperature screening booths to help access control. Panel Built's Temperature Screening Booths are exterior, stand-alone buildings that place the screener inside of a controlled, comfortable space with access to take temperatures of employees coming into the facility. The booths will typically include a sliding glass window to take temperatures from, an HVAC system, LED interior lighting, an interior stainless steel countertop, and interior electrical outlets. These features allow the temperature screening booth to act as a temporary workspace in between screenings. Like all Panel Built buildings, additional options can be added to the booth.

Finally, if the first two options do not work for your facility, a screening room can be created within your existing facility. By using our panelized wall system, Panel Built can create a sectioned off area at the employee entrance of your facility. Similar to an exterior screening room, this would provide an enclosed, access-controlled space to take employee or student temperatures, before allowing them access to the rest of the facility.

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