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Ticket Booths In Economical & Fully Custom Designs

As a manufacturer of Prefabricated Ticket Booths, Panel Built, Inc. offers buildings in both fully-customizable or standardized 'quick-ship' models. If you have a particular layout or style that your ticket booth needs to meet, Panel Built can ensure your new building meets all of your requirements.
Previously, we have worked with theme parks, state parks, or even baseball parks to fabricate modular ticket booths that both meet strict building codes and seamlessly blend into their existing architecture. However, if you are in a crunch, we also provide a more standardized version of the building that can be delivered quickly and affordably.
Equipped with Specialized Ticket Booth Windows

With Ticket Booths, they oftentimes require a few specialty items in comparison to our standard guard booths. First, most customers look to incorporate a transaction window into the design of the booth. These particular windows come in one of a couple of different types: sliding glass windows or picture windows with a built-in teller box and cash transaction tray. Panel Built can implement types (and other) in your ticket booth design, just let us know which you're interested in.

Ticket Booths Available with High Security Options

Additionally, the ticket booths can be upgraded to provide additional security for the cashiers. Like Panel Built's, guard booths, our modular ticket booths can be fabricated from and utilize ballistic rated, bullet-resistant materials. For Panel Built, this means both the booth's transaction windows and walls can meet all levels of UL 752 and NIJ ballistic rating standards (learn more on our Ballistic Buildings page).

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