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Prefabricated Toll Booths Custom Built To Spec

Panel Built toll booths are able to be custom manufactured to meet your project's specific needs . Our prefabricated, exterior buildings make for excellent toll booths because they offer a comfortable environment, are easily installed, and are highly convenient building option. When deciding on a toll booth project, prefabricated booths provide you with many different advantages that stick-built booths cannot, including reduced overall project times, more easily predictable schedules, and minimizing the amount of work required on-site.

Our prefabricated toll booths are designed, engineered, and manufactured all within our facility, so all that is left on site is installation. This allows you to have the minimum amount of downtime on-site, making it quicker and easier for you to collect tolls and get a faster return on investment. On top of this, our toll booths can be constructed to meet state and local building codes, including ADA requirements. Additionally, Panel Built booths can be built fully equipped with HVAC, standard electrical, picture & sliding windows, and other custom features to suit your specific needs.

Options For All Levels of Government Projects and More!

Panel Built has custom manufactured toll booths for a variety of different government projects and applications - big and small. From state park entrances to major interstate toll roads, Panel Built can design and engineer our buildings to meet the layout, spacing, and features to bet fit your project.  Panel Built's line of welded steel toll booths can be fabricated to meet up to 190 mph wind loads and can be constructed with bullet-resistant materials to meet UL-752 and NIJ ballistic rated standards.  

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Get a 3D Rendering of your Toll Booth 

With each quote, Panel Built offers a 3D rendering of your project to allow you to easily visualize your new design. Here's an example form one of our Projects of the Month!

Choose From Our Panelized Or Welded Steel Framed Designs!

Panel Built manufactures toll booths in two distinct ways, depending on your project requirements.  Our standard building design is formed from our panelized wall system. This system uses a (typically) double-sided steel panel to create the booth with a metal, insulated roof.  This design can be delivered either pre-assembled atop a forkliftable base, or the  structure can be delivered 'knock-down' for fast assembly on-site.  Our panelized booths offer our customers a highly affordable building option with fast lead times. 
Our welded steel framed design is used for more specialized and/or architectural toll booth applications.  The steel frame allows Panel Built to create entirely unique, custom designs, including additional security features.  Ballistic rated walls and glass can be used in these assemblies to create a highly protected structure for the attendants inside. 

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