Mobile Security Booths | Portable Security Booths

Available Trailer-Mounted, Forklift-able, or Crane-Liftable Designs

Mobile Security Booths Offer High Flexibility

Portable guard booths make a great addition to your security team for your short-term, long-term, or permanent needs. Due to their rigid floor frame and durable materials, these booths can be picked up and moved from location to location as your security needs change. We build every one of our mobile guard booths custom-made for our clients.

Customizable Building Design To Fit Your Security Needs

Panel Built portable security booths can be equipped with many of the same options as our standard booth designs.  Exterior mounted security lights, access control system, built-in work station, HVAC, and more to help create comfortable environment for the officer inside. Panel Built's portable guard houses can also be equipped with a mounted generator for power wherever you take it.

Ballistic Rated Building Options

We also supply ballistic options with our guard booths that will provide extra safety for your security officers. With blast proofing and bullet proofing, our ballistic models offer protection from even the highest level threats. Made out of welded steel, our ballistic rated guard booths extremely durable, low maintenance, and are manufactured to standardized UL-752, NIJ, & STANAG Bullet Resistance Levels. 

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