Turnstile Shelters | Turnstile Canopy

Turnstile Shelters Offer Protection from the Elements

Panel Built's turnstile shelters are designed to offer added protection from your access control turnstile components. In addition to the turnstile mechanism itself, the canopy will also provide shelter to any keyfob, number, and thumbprint id pads that are included in the system's design. Turnstile shelters not only help protect your investment but also helps ensure your access control system is running at the best of its ability. In addition to preserving your equipment from rain, hail, and snow, the shelter also helps shield personnel coming entering and exiting the facility.

Increase Access Control Security with Your Turnstile Shelters

In addition to shelter, turnstile canopies can help bolster your access control point as well. The shelters can act as another barrier. If an individual tries to enter the facility by climbing the turnstile, an appropriate canopy or shelter system over the turnstile would keep the trespasser from making it over the structure. If needed, the shelters can also be equipped with full glass walls to create an enclosed system, keeping intruders from slipping under or around the turnstile. Like our guard houses and other prefab shelters, Panel Built's Turnstile Shelters can be formed from ballistic rated glass and metals for high threat level access control points.

Long-Lasting, Heavy-Duty Turnstile Canopy Design

As a provider of a variety of different prefabricated canopy and shelter systems, Panel Built's Turnstile Shelters are designed for mass customization and to withstand any type of environment. Depending on the size and requirements of the turnstile canopy, the structure can be formed in one of two ways.
First, for smaller applications, the turnstile shelter can be fabricated from a welded steel frame, similar to our prefabricated shelter systems. These shelters will be delivered to the project site fully assembled and ready for installation. Welded steel turnstile shelters just need to be off-loaded from the truck and anchored into place for installation.
Second, the turnstile shelter or canopy can be formed from our bolt-together steel system similar to our large-scale canopy systems. In this instance, the turnstile canopy will likely be much larger in length, width, or height. To help with shipping costs, these canopies are shipped as components and then are erected at the project site.

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