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Warm-Up-Booths (1)

Warm-Up Booths Prevent Extended Exposure In Cold Environments

Prolonged exposure to extreme cold can lead to a variety of problems for employees, ranging from frostbite to hypothermia in extreme cases. Luckily, OSHA offers a variety of solutions for businesses to protect their workers, which includes providing a warm, dry area for employees to warm their bodies up. Panel Built's Warm-Up Booths are specially designed to provide this environment with a fully heated space, away from harsh conditions.
Standard & Custom Warming Booth Solutions

Panel Built offers a wide range of warming booth solutions to best fit the needs of your facility. In many cases, companies can need an employee warm-up area at a moment's notice, due to particularly harsh weather. In these cases, we have quick-shipping and usually in-stock warm-up booth options to solve their space needs as soon as possible. If a more specialized Warm-Up Booth space is required, Panel Built can easily design and fabricate a solution to fit your needs like multi-person warming areas or dual-purpose booths.

Can Be Delivered Pre-assembled or 'Knock-Down'

Panel Built Warm-Up Booths can be delivered to your facility in one of two ways: Pre-assembled or 'Knock-Down.' Generally, our customers prefer to have their warm-up booth already assembled, so the building is quickly ready for use when delivered to the job site. However, in some cases, delivering the booth in a 'knock-down' kit can be preferred, especially if the booth is going to be installed into a hard-to-reach area.

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Warm-Up Booth Features
> Shipped with a through-wall HVAC system ready for Installation
> Formed From Insulated Wall Panels with Polystyrene Core
> Fast & Quick Installation at the Job Site for Minimal Downtime
> Delivered with Protective Wrapping on Easily Forkliftable Tubing
> Standard Colors Include White, Grey, & Saddle Tan.
> Can Be Designed To Meet State & Local Building Codes
Warm-Up Booth Options
> Interior Mounted Stainless Steel Countertop
> Offered in Both Interior & Exterior Rated Designs
> Custom Wall Panel Cores with High-Density Insulation
> Specialty Exterior Facings, Interior Finishes, and Roof Options Available
> Security Integration Ranging From Custom Door Locks to Alarms Systems to Flood Lights
> Custom HVAC Options Available, Including Baseboard Heaters to Quickly Increase Booth Temperature
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