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Rappel Towers are used for training military personnel to general public use for rock climbing or zip lines. In any case, these towers must be safe and sturdy to serve their purpose. Panel Built designs towers to meet IBC regulations and finishes with our powder coat system for extra durability. Rappelling Training Towers can be designed with multiple platforms and options of stair systems and cage ladders depending on the specific purpose of the project.  Rappel towers ensure that all of your team members are adequately prepared for all types of scenarios. Previously, Panel Built has designed training towers to be multi-purposed for additional shooting/sniper training and attack drills.

Overall, Panel Built has designed, engineered, and constructed prefabricated towers for practically any application you can imagine.  We've built fire towers, guard towers, challenge courses with zip lines, and even an air traffic control tower, working with a variety of government organizations.  All the steel can be powder coated to ensure the paint will endure all of the rigors that go along with a rappel tower training.

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