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SCIFs Offer The Highest Level of Information Security

A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (AKA SCIF Room or SCIF Building) is a U.S. Department of Defense term for a secure room. It can be a secure room or data center that guards against electronic surveillance and suppresses data leakage of sensitive security and military information. These SCIFs are the only rooms where "sensitive compartmented information" can be discussed.  SCIF Buildings are specially designed to prevent physical and electronic interception of classified information. 

In order for the government to officially classify a SCIF as a SCIF, it must comply with a strict set of specifications.  Afterward, each SCIF room shall be inspected and evaluated by on-site personnel for “threats, vulnerabilities, and assets to determine the most efficient countermeasure required for physical and technical security.”  All of these steps are taken to ensure the risk of someone breaching the SCIF room is reduced to the smallest possible amount.

SCIF Features

•   All ICD 705 for STC 45 and STC 50 requirements met
•   Can Meet SCIF Tempest Requirements
•   Solid Construction Withstands Military Environments
•   Easy Installation with Minimal Facility Disruptions

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Matchless strength and durability is the Core of our building quality. Our highly portable structural panels meet all military specifications and exceed most national building codes and OSHA requirements.

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As a specialized SCIF Manufacturer, Panel Built Modular SCIFs are relocatable and expandable. Because they are installed onsite, our products have a project time 40 percent faster than stick-built.

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