Shipping Office

When you are working from a busy warehouse, finding a place for a shipping office can be difficult. You need a place where you can keep all incoming and outgoing materials organized, correctly labeled, and shipped in time. With all the chaos going on in a warehouse, this is a task that can be incredibly difficult to complete.

You can have another office added on to the outside of the building, make a new building all together, or you can quickly install one of our in-plant offices to be your very own shipping room. Your mail room will allow you to move product or materials efficiently, separated from the noisy warehouse floor, while still remaining in the very same building. We can provide your shipping office with heating and air conditions, plus sound proofing to ensure the comfort and concentration of your employees.


  • Reusable, re-locatable, and expandable design
  • Easy installation with minimal facility disruption
  • Load bearing storage roofs available
  • Variety of colors and finishes
  • Solid construction withstands manufacturing and military environments
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