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Silence Booths Help Create a Private Workspace For Your Office

Panel Built Silence Booths offer a quick and convenient way to create personal, private areas within an existing open office.  Since Panel Built is traditionally a provider of industrial office spaces, we have built calm, sound-controlled spaces going in chaotic and hectic settings.  Panel Built offers a sound-deadening wall system that's typically utilized in heavy industrial and manufacturing environments.  This specialized wall panel makes for the perfect material to form a small, private area to help boost concentration.

Panel Built's Silent Booths Come in Custom Sizes & Configurations

Oftentimes, Panel Built's Silent Booths will be formed for single occupancy.  However, as a custom modular manufacturer, Panel Built can configure a silent booth to fit a variety of different size requirements and applications, depending on your office's needs.  Conference rooms, supervisor offices, meeting spaces, break rooms, and more can be configured using our silence booth designs, providing you the flexibility to perfectly fit your office's needs.

Fast Lead Times & Easy Silence Booth Installation

Utilizing our simple wall system design, Panel Built's silent booths are quickly delivered to your office space and can be installed into the building even quicker.  The buildings can be delivered to your facility in one of two ways: pre-assembled or 'knockdown,' to be installed on-site.  Booths can include pre-wired electrical, data hook-ups, a stainless steel countertop, LED lighting, and more to create a fully functional personal workspace.

Super Sales Support

Our dedicated sales team provides confidential free quotes and CAD drawings to help get your project underway. Our team is available to answer any questions about a quotation, an order, freight options, or project changes.

Fully Custom Solutions

Panel Built's Silence Booth's are fully adaptable to meet your office's specific needs.  Let us know the requirements for your perfect booth as far as size, layout, color, and options.  We can adapt our design to best fit your office.

Fits Into A Variety Of Environments

Panel Built's silence booths are designed to fit into a variety of different workspaces.  Our standard modular offices are designed to be installed into industrial spaces, and our silence booths offer the same durability. These buildings have the strength to withstand harsh conditions and the contemporary look to fit into the modern office space.

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