4 Ways Warehouse Mezzanines Instantly Upgrade Your Facility


4 Ways Warehouse Mezzanines Instantly Upgrade Your Facility 

Working in the industry for over 25 years, Panel Built traditionally produced mezzanine systems to provide flexible storage and office solutions in manufacturing and warehouse facilities. However, because our bolt-together components are custom-fabricated, Panel Built can create unique designs.  Because of this, Panel Built worked on a wide range of implementing our system into storage, equipment access, safety, security, and other applications.  This post will discuss the various mezzanine applications Panel Built has adapted over the years and how they add value to our customer's facilities. 
Increasing Your Storage Space
The number one most popular function for our modular mezzanine systems is adding storage space to crowded facilities.  This is because space needs can affect any organization, from mega-warehouses to growing small businesses.  As such, even storage mezzanines can vary significantly from project to project. Panel Bult fabricates platforms small enough for a single person or large enough to stretch across an entire facility. 

As a custom mezzanine provider, Panel Built excels when facing unique designs!  Unfortunately, many mezzanine manufacturers stick to basic, "cookie-cutter" dimensions and layouts.  But at Panel Built, we go the extra mile to ensure your platform meets your facility's specific space needs.  This allows any facility to maximize its usable space with our turn-key solutions. 
Clearing Up Traffic Lanes with Catwalks 
As companies grow, so will the traffic moving throughout their facility. For example, increasing manufacturing or movement of supplies leads to more employees and  increased stocking/transporting of materials.  At a certain point, this increased traffic can lead to collision accidents in the workplace. Panel Built prefabricated catwalk systems help mitigate this congestion by adding more traffic lanes.  

Panel Built catwalks are formed from the same free-standing, bolt-together system that is used in our mezzanines.  Built 100% to customer specification, Panel Built catwalks are designed to meet your facility's requirements with fully custom layouts and dimensions.  Our catwalks usually are around 3 feet wide for foot traffic and utilize a bar grate decking. Catwalk standard railing is designed to OSHA regulations; however, higher-level options with pickets, plexiglass, or expanded metal barriers are available.  Panel Built catwalks are available in fully custom deck heights, great for multistory or low-level applications. 
Custom Equipment Access Solutions & Upgrades
Like catwalks, Panel Built mezzanines, stair systems, and ladders are commonly used for bespoke equipment and maintenance access solutions.  Over time, existing stair systems can become weathered and worn down due to exposure to the elements or extended use.  Panel Built's bolt-together steel system offers the perfect upgrade looking for a durable replacement.  In many cases, a simple, single-run of prefabricated stairs may be all that is needed (available in custom lengths).  However, Panel Built can also form entire access stair towers able to stretch to rooftops, and address access needs big and small. 

Further, new pieces of equipment can sometimes be difficult to service after fitting them into an existing space.  Panel Built's custom access solutions are specifically designed to adapt to custom or otherwise awkward-shaped equipment.  Rather than 'cookie-cutter' access solutions, Panel Built's stairs and access platforms are designed and installed to fit these unusual applications perfectly. 
Office Space With A Minimal Footprint
For many custom manufacturing facilities, an increase in production also equals a proportional rise in engineering labor.  But with manufacturing space at a premium, most companies do not want to sacrifice floor space that could be used otherwise. Luckily, Panel Built's mezzanine platforms allow companies to capitalize on their unused vertical space with raised offices above their factory floor. In addition to prefabricated mezzanines, Panel Built manufactures and designs custom modular office systems. 

Panel Built mezzanine offices offer the perfect solution for facilities looking to add new engineering or supervisor offices.  With their elevated design, companies can add valuable office space that is adjacent to the factory floor.  This allows you to position your engineering team next to their respective manufacturing zones without taking up essential productions spaces.  Factory workers have convenient access to their engineering team, and supervisors are offered a bird's eye view of the floor.  Panel Built offers fully customizable enclosed mezzanine layouts, capable of individual and open office designs. 
Overall, there are limitless applications that mezzanines can provide for your facility. As far as storage solutions go, Panel Built mezzanines can be outfitted with robust components for high load ratings and specialty decking options for pallet jacks and other equipment.  These vast options and willingness to go the extra mile for our customers allow Panel Built to shine on specialty projects.  Furthermore, Panel Built has operated as a modular construction provider for over 25 years with over 10,000 successful projects across the United States and internationally. As a result, we have the knowledge and experience to guarantee the best space solution possible for you. 
If you are interested in using Panel Built warehouse mezzanines to maximize the potential of your facility, let us know!  Our customer service driven team is happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have.  You can reach us via our phone line at 800.636.3873, our email address at info@panelbuilt.com, or via our LiveChat at the bottom right of the page.  Panel Built operates under one mission, "To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs With Excellence And Great Customer Service."