Forming Industrial Platforms and Walkways with Modular Mezzanines


As companies grow, their need for space grows as well. As a result, facilities can look entirely different after upgrades in equipment, overhauling layouts, adding production lines, etc.  All of these changes require space, and at a certain point, all facilities will reach their maximum capacity.  Luckily, Panel Built, Inc.'s modular mezzanine system can provide any facility with the tools to get the most out of their existing space.  This post covers how Panel Built's prefabricated system can be adapted to meet various access and storage needs throughout your facility.  
Industrial Platforms & Stairways Grant You Easier ACCESS To Your Equipment
Installing a new piece of equipment can change your plant floor, affecting how people move through your facility.  Over time, facilities can become crowded, and traveling from point A to point B may not be as safe and efficient.  Fortunately, Panel Built's modular mezzanine platforms can address this issue by creating access stairs, platforms, and catwalks inside your facility.  These structures create an intermediary level above your warehouse floor for employees to move throughout the facility safely.  

Depending on your industry, Panel Built's steel structures can be used for practically limitless access solutions due to their custom design.  For example, many commercial buildings require access to their roof to maintain equipment, air conditioning, etc. However, if a building has been around for many years, its existing roof access system may have deteriorated over time or no longer meets local/state building requirements.  In this case, Panel Built's bolt-together stair systems can quickly ensure the building is outfitted with a code-compliant stair system that is uniquely designed to fit their existing space. 
In other cases, our platforms are installed inside buildings to create maintenance and service platforms.  Often found in aerospace facilities, these platforms are custom designed to fit around their state-of-the-art aircraft components.  These million-dollar crafts often require highly specialized platforms to provide proper maintenance.  Panel Built's custom industrial platforms allow for these aerospace companies to custom design their own platforms and walkways to allow their employees access to all parts of the craft.  Custom layouts, unique platform shapes, extendable cantilevers, rolling platforms - these are all features we have incorporated into past access platform designs.  

Why Go Modular To Address Your Platform Needs? 
As we have seen, many of these industrial platform projects can require a highly specialized design to fit into a facility best.  Whether a company is trying to give employees access to equipment or creating a highly specialized aerospace platform, the structure still requires great attention to detail to fit perfectly into the surrounding environment.  So, you may ask yourself, how would a 'modular' solution be able to handle this customization; aren't modular solutions more of a 'cookie-cutter' solution? 

The answer, at least for Panel Built, is no.  Panel Built's modular mezzanine solutions are formed from customizable steel components, allowing us to create practically any layout needed for your project.  Panel Built's mezzanines use a unique, bolt-together assembly method.  Since Panel Built pre-manufactures the components ourselves in our specialized modular construction facility, we can fabricate them to entirely custom shapes and sizes.  
For this reason, Panel Built, Inc. has become one of the top suppliers of these systems all across the United States.  For each of our projects, Panel Built operates under one mission, "To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs With Excellence and Great Customer Service."  Panel Built puts this statement at the forefront of all our projects and offers the same expertise and attention to detail for projects big or small.  

With our structures prefabricated off-site, your industrial platforms and walkway systems are much more easily installed at your facility.  With modular construction, almost all of the fabrication for the mezzanine takes place away from your facility.  So, when the components are delivered to the job site, they are immediately ready for installation.   Further, Panel Built is a full, turn-key provider of these bolt-together. Panel Built can offer complete installation of these systems all across the United States thanks to our various installer groups located around the country.  

With projects ranging from the United States military to our local school system, Panel Built has supplied platforms for practically any organization imaginable.  With our own in-house engineering team, Panel Built is able to adapt our platform design to meet various state and local building requirements.  For example, a work platform that holds only employees at an industrial plant in Milwaukee will have VASTLY different requirements than a platform used by the public in Los Angeles.  Seismic building requirements, railing compliances, fire codes, and more can drastically affect your platform design.  However, working with Panel Built, Inc. ensures that your project is in the hands of experience professionals able to provide platform solutions across the US.  
Working in the industry for over 25 years, Panel Built has had the opportunity to work on over 10,000 modular projects across the United States and internationally! If you are interested in getting an industrial platform and walkway quote of your own, just let us know!  You can give us a call at 800.636.3873, send us an email to, or let us know in our LiveChat feature in the bottom-right of the page.  We are more than happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have.