How to Build A Grow Room: FAQs Answered


How to Design Commercial Grow Rooms: FAQs Answered

The medicinal market is changing in the United States. As of 2024, there are 38 states where medicinal cannabis is legal and 24 states where recreational cannabis is legal. In 2023, Oregon became the first state to legalize the use of psilocybin mushrooms, and studies continue to show that these mushrooms may be an effective treatment for psychological disorders such as depression.

New opportunities are on the horizon for veterans and entrepreneurs in the herbal medicine industry. Taking advantage of this opportunity requires the right commercial grow room. To make picking one easier, we've addressed companies’ most frequently asked questions on grow rooms – with particular attention to the plants currently capturing national attention.


What type of lighting is best for my grow room?

LED lights are typically best for getting plants the full spectrum of light they need to grow. Fluorescents can also be sufficient, albeit less effective, or as versatile as LED lights. The trick is determining the duration your lights should run for. Plants can suffer from underexposure or even overexposure to light, so you must first research your plants' lighting needs. Putting your lightning on a timed system can help maintain the correct amount of exposure.

For growing cannabis:

Cannabis has special lighting needs. It will need about 18 hours of light and then 8 hours of darkness upon planting. For the flowering stage, it will require 12 hours of darkness.

For growing mushrooms:

During their fruiting phase, psilocybin mushrooms tend to grow best on a 12/12 cycle of light. LED lights will work just fine.

What is the best ventilation system for a commercial grow room?

A commercial grow room needs continuous air cycling between the outside world and indoor space to remain rich in CO2. A simple in-line duct fan can suffice, but different plants have different needs. Sometimes, a CO2 generator or burner is required to get to the appropriate levels for the plant.

For growing cannabis:

Cannabis tends to benefit from floor-mounted horizontal fans, with oscillating ventilators to regulate the CO2 in the room.

For growing mushrooms:

Psilocybin mushrooms require that airflow be reduced to a minimum. They still need oxygen to grow correctly, but a rudimentary ventilation system should do the trick.

How do I control temperature and humidity in a grow room?Temperature can be controlled with a proper HVAC system, while a humidifier and dehumidifier can regulate humidity. Pairing this equipment with a thermostat and a humidistat can also help growers maintain precise control over room conditions.

For growing cannabis:

You'll want to have access to a dynamic system as the needs of the cannabis plant change throughout its growth. Seedings require 65-75% humidity and a temperature of 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Flowering plants need humidity between 40% and 50% and temperatures between 68 and 78 degrees.

For growing mushrooms:

You'll want to rely heavily on a humidifier, which grows best in 85% to 95% humidity.

What are the legal and regulatory requirements for operating a commercial grow room?

When it comes to growing cannabis or psilocybin mushrooms, regulation can not only be severe but also dramatically different between states. Luckily, some resources can help you identify the laws within your state or province.
  • Cannabis Legalization Map
  • Mushroom Legalization Map
  • Why modular?

    After considering all these questions, one important one remains: how does a producer address these concerns simultaneously? A tent-based solution is cheap and straightforward but flimsy and not conducive to growing on a large scale. Stick-built solutions, on the other hand, can be expensive and inflexible. A modular commercial grow room can fit your company’s cultivation needs and keep up with the needs of a changing market.


  • Our modular grow rooms provide a quick, sturdy solution for even the most delicate commercial cultivation environments. Utilizing our binder-post system, setting up your modular grow room is a breeze in almost any facility, offering various customized options at a budget-friendly price.
  • Flexible

  • Modular grow rooms can be effortlessly rearranged, reassembled, or relocated, making them perfect for a cultivation business's evolving needs.
  • Controlled

  • Our system gives you complete control over the room's conditions, ensuring a consistent and high-quality product every time. Critical factors for plant growth, such as lighting, room temperature, humidity, and air quality, can all be regulated to achieve maximum yields.
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