• 29 May 2014

    Modular Construction Companies

    Why Modular Buildings are so Popular

    industrial modular buildingsBuildings constructed off-site using the same standards and codes as conventionally-built buildings with the same designing and materials are called modular buildings. These facilities are produced in “modules” that are put together on site to mimic the identical specifications and design of even the most sophisticated on-site built facility – in about half the time.

    Modular building systems are even more structurally sound than most conventionally built buildings because they are designed to withstand the stresses of transportation and craning into place on foundations. Once they are together and properly sealed, the individual modules become one solid wall, roof and floor system.

    Industrial Modular Buildings are better Constructed

    By choosing to use industrial modular buildings, you are actually getting better construction quality because all materials are safely and securely located inside a plant away from damage and deterioration. Moisture and the elements are of no concern and the modular building panels are of the highest quality. Most manufacturers have strict quality assurance programs in place including inspection and testing to ensure superior construction throughout the entire building process.

    Additional Benefits of Metal Modular Buildings

    Beyond saving time and the high quality construction offered by metal modular buildings, they also eliminate about eighty-percent of the building construction activity from the site. This means less disruption in the work day and less vehicle traffic to and from the work site. What this equates to is less hazardous conditions in and around the building site, which is a huge money-saving advantage.

    Exceeding all Expectations

    Today’s modular construction companies work with all levels of design and sophistication to meet and exceed all expectations set for by architects and owners alike. Modular buildings rival conventionally-built buildings in every way and the benefits of using these facilities demand attention. Most modular buildings for sale can be adapted to suit any designing need.

    A Greener Option

    As many business owners look for more sustainable design options that have a greater environmental impact, modular buildings are a great fit. Building off-site in a controlled environment helps reduce waste. This in combination with better quality management, less on-site traffic and disruption, promotes sustainability.

    Even More Benefits

    As if everything mentioned above is not enough, using modular buildings has even more benefits.

    • Flexibility and reuse – Modular buildings can be taken apart and relocated for different uses. This reduces the demand for raw materials and energy to meet the needs of a new building.
    • Better air quality – Because of the modular building’s factory-controlled construction, there is no worry of moisture becoming trapped in the new construction.
    • No weather delays – Because modular buildings are constructed indoors in factory settings, there are no inclement weather delays to push back deadlines.
    • Same building code standards – Modular buildings meet and exceed the same building code standards as conventionally-built facilities and use the same materials.
    • Safer construction – Indoor construction means less risk of accidents, which reduces liabilities for on-site workers.
    • Unlimited possibilities – Modular buildings can be designed to fit any existing building of any design. Once constructed, it is almost impossible to tell the modular building from the conventional one.

    Industrial Modular Buildings Online for Sale

    modular construction companiesIf you have decided to go modular, PanelBuilt is the place to go. PanelBuilt has been providing modular building solutions for several years and has a reputation for superior quality and great customer service. You can call and speak with an experienced technician who will ask you questions about the use of your modular building to ensure your every need is met. You will receive a free quote and drawings to help you visualize the finished product as well. When it comes to modular construction, no one compares to the quality and service of PanelBuilt.

    There are so many benefits to choosing to go modular that purchasing one just makes perfect sense. Saving money, time and the environment while providing a convenient solution to the construction nightmare, modular buildings can help companies grow and succeed. From your budget to your health to your future expansion plans, modular buildings are the best choice for just about any building project in your life. Contact PanelBuilt today to get started on making your expansion dreams a reality soon.

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