Prefab Metal Building Prices


Pros and Cons of Metal Building Construction

Prefabricated metal buildingsWhen you need a new building, whether it’s a church, guardhouse or office space, making the right choice regarding construction of your unit can have a big impact on how satisfied you are with your finished product. Deciding on whether a traditional structure or a prefabricated building would best suit your needs can save you a lot of time and money. Additionally, when you understand your options you can make design and production decisions quickly and with an informed mind. Before you make any hasty choices, here are a few things you should know about the differences between traditional construction and prefabricated buildings. Durability Choosing a metal building has several benefits over wooden structures. Wood structures, specifically barns, require more routine maintenance because metal structures are more weather resistant. Wood structures can rot and warp much easier under heat, wind and rain. Additionally any structure, wooden or metal will need repainting if you opt to go that route. Both traditional and prefabricated buildings are designed to last. The type of foundation you choose for your building is just as important as your building itself. Opting for steel or metal foundation poles will ensure that the base of your building stays stronger, longer. Your prefabricated structure is built to withstand the jostling and bumping that’s associated with driving long distances. This means that your building will be more than sturdy enough to provide extra office or storage space. Ease of Construction Prefabricated metal buildings are often easier to construct because the majority of the work is done offsite. This means you won’t have to deal with most of the construction work. Additionally this can result in a much lower impact on your work environment. Traditional construction often requires a delay or complete disruption of your work. If your work isn’t delayed or halted, your employees will have to work through dust, noise and debris. In addition, there is traffic flow impact as well as external environmental impact caused by construction. Prefabricated structures tend to be more environmentally friendly. Because we use steel and metal we limit the impact we have on wood, water and other natural elements, this means less waste and less natural resources used to produce your product. Time Constraints When time is a factor pre-engineered metal buildings are often a better choice than traditional wood and mortar construction. Wood and mortar buildings can take two to three times as long to develop and construct. One main cause of delay in regular construction projects are factors that are out of control including weather, health and issues with supplies or equipment. When you work with Panel Built to get a prefabricated unit, you don’t have to worry about delays caused by weather. Your building pieces will be constructed inside a facility which ensures we can keep working on your building whether the sun is shining, snow is falling or rain is dropping. Cost of construction When cost is a major player in your decision making, prefab metal building prices may shock you. The cost of building a manufactured building is typically much lower than the cost of regular construction. When you opt to work with Panel Built you save a lot of money on labor and parts. Because we are capable of making a lot of parts at one time, you save money. When you are dealing with traditional structures, this isn’t the case. Traditional buildings take longer to build which means they cost more money. Regular buildings typically require longer hours and more people, which also costs more money. Additionally if you construct a prefabricated metal building office you could save money and time on permits because you will be doing far less work on site than you would otherwise. Customized Options Traditional structures win here, hands down. Panel Built does offer a variety of different features to make your prefabricated structure feel more personalized and comfortable including windows, doors, HVAC options and interior elements like lighting, flooring and walling. Our personalization options allow you to determine your layout and size but there are limitations as we are working with prefabricated designs and materials. However, if you’re looking for granite counter tops and other more expensive features, traditional building would be a better fit for you. Additionally, there tends to be more flexibility in regards to size and layout. But, you’ll also spend more money and use more time for these added features. Portability Technically, your modular unit is considered a permanent structure, depending on the type of metal building you choose. However, if for some reason you require it, your prefabricated modular building could most likely be deconstructed and built elsewhere. This is not really an option with traditional structures. Panel Built even offers prebuilt structures that are specifically designed for portability to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for workers and staff on construction and other traveling sites. Traditional structures certainly have their place. For very large buildings and homes, traditional structures offer more flexibility in design which makes them ideal. But for small businesses or construction sites, saving a little money and time can make a big difference in your ability to keep your business running smoothly. When you need a building that will provide shelter from the elements without draining your bank account, you should seriously consider prefabricated units. To learn more about the type of prefabricated buildings we design at Panel Built, check out our website or contact our customer service team for more information.