What Is An Inplant Office?


What is an inplant office

Creating office space inside your building can be a challenging problem for growing companies. On one hand, your company is growing, which is excellent, but next, your business needs to figure out how to create this new space in their building. On the other hand, most companies do not have the time and space available to build new facilities. 

 Traditional construction can be time-consuming and can create a significant disruption for your business. For this reason, Panel Built's In-Plant Modular Offices are a popular choice for growing organizations looking to address their space needs with a fast, efficient solution. 

What is an Inplant Office? 

An inplant office is a modular building that is prefabricated and delivered to your facility for a fast, more convenient installation on-site.  Our inplant offices are formed using our signature panelized wall system design. Our 3" thick composite walls are generally constructed with our vinyl-covered gypsum panels with a polystyrene core. The vinyl-covered gypsum exterior offers quality insulation and sound dampening as one of our most affordable panel options. However, Panel Built offers a wide range of composite panel options to fit practically any industrial or commercial environment with added fire protection, R-Values, and STC Ratings. 
To create entirely unique inplant office layouts, Panel Built uses a binder post extrusion system to connect one panel to the next.  The binder-posts additionally act as a raceway for your building's electrical wiring and data hookups. 

The buildings also can be delivered with their own electrical load center and HVAC system, providing you all the features needed for a fully functioning, comfortable office space. 

How Does An Inplant Office Benefit Your Facility? 

inplant office interior

As you now know, inplant offices are a prefabricated solution to bring office space to your facility quickly.  However, once inside your facility, what value does an inplant office bring to your company? 

Beyond speed and a faster return on investment, modular inplant offices provide our customers with Flexibility For The Future.  With our panelized design, our buildings can be relocated, reconfigured, or uninstalled completely and reused for another application! Unlike stick-built alternatives, Panel Built's modular system allows your office space to adapt to the changes in your company see down the road.  

For example, a company wants to add single-room office space for a new plant supervisor. This could be a simple 10'x10', 4-wall inplant building with windows and a door in the front, and HVAC (maybe add a sound dampening substrate if it is a heavy manufacturing facility). This configuration gives the supervisor a comfortable work environment that offers convenient access to the factory floor.  However, what if, in the future, the company wants to add space for another supervisor? 

inplant office benefits

With our modular design, the company has a lot options.  The most economical option likely would be to add the new office to the existing one. This way, the company can use an existing wall to complete the new office, using only three new walls.  Now, the company can add new office space at a reduced cost!   

Further, Panel Built can design your office space with a loadbearing roof. So, when the time comes to expand, the company can build on top of their existing building, creating a two-story office space. 

Finally, inplant offices can help you out on your balance sheet too.  Traditional construction is depreciated over 39 years.  Inplant offices, on the other hand, are classified as "tangible personal property." This means Panel Built offices can be depreciated over seven years, similar to pieces of equipment purchased for your company.  This expedited timeline allows businesses to receive a faster return on investment and better value, especially for firms looking for future flexibility. 

Overall, Panel Built modular offices can help you address a variety of space needs for your business. Panel Built customers can create offices, break rooms, lunchrooms, restrooms, equipment enclosures, cleanrooms, SCIFs, and more with our endless layout options. If your business is in a bit of a space crunch, give us a call! Our customer-service-driven sales team is happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have. 

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