Why Privacy Pods Can Make a Better Office Environment


Why Privacy Pods Can Make a Better Office Environment

Over the past 20 years, open office plans have been an experiment that took the national workforce by storm, with as many as two-thirds of all offices adopting the style as of 2020. It's no secret that this plan has received some backlash, but what may come as a surprise is that 65% of workers prefer offices open spaces for collaboration – provided they also have spaces to focus on.

Privacy Pods are a convenient, soundproof space that allows employees to avoid distractions and focus on their work. Apart from just making your employees feel more comfortable, there are noticeable benefits to adding private spaces to the office. Read on to find out how Privacy Pods can improve office productivity.

Privacy Pods Improve...

Mental Health

Privacy has historically proven to improve job satisfaction. Much of this success boils down to employees gaining a feeling of control over their environment, which can significantly reduce stress. Employees need to know they are trusted and feel their workplace values their autonomy. Otherwise, they may associate their workspace with a sense of oppression.

 Privacy Pods offer employees their choice of environment, allowing them to switch from an open space to a private one. That freedom of choice means less unnecessary stress and happier employees.

Escape From Noise

Sustained noise in an environment can be more than just annoying. Consistent noise and speech around the office can disrupt employees' mental performance, hurting their productivity. Worse still, continued exposure to this occupational noise is linked to several alarming psychological effects, such as symptoms of depression and even suicide ideation.

A soundproof, private space can help employees focus on their work and recover from office noise.


With a lack of barriers, it stands to reason that open office plans would be better for collaboration, right? Yet the data suggests that having no option for privacy reduces face-to-face communication by 70%. This is because being exposed to everybody all the time tends to make people withdraw from the social space rather than reach out to others.

 Introducing private spaces can restore that communication. Employees can have a reprieve from constant social contact, and, as a result, they'll have the energy and desire to reach out and work with others when it matters.


A 2015 survey shows that 53% of workers have overheard conversations about confidential subjects, such as layoffs and worker compensation. Open offices make it easier for employees and guests visiting the office to overhear such topics. This could lead to discontent among employees or even a possible security breach; however, sensitive issues like this may need to be discussed, and sometimes, these discussions aren't meant for a small group.

Private, soundproof spaces – like a privacy pod – are an excellent way to have these sensitive discussions without being overheard.

Get the best in privacy with Panel Built.

If you’d like to improve the health and productivity of your office through private spaces, Panel Built’s Privacy Pods are a quick, easy, and quality solution.

Industrial-Quality Soundproofing

  • The soundproofing needs of heavy industrial environments can have consistent decibel levels of 90 or louder. Our experience and materials ensure that your office booth has Zen-like quiet, even during the busiest days.
  • Customizability

  • The Panel Built team can adjust your privacy pod to fit your unique needs, whether you need an ample space, or an unusually shaped space, or a specialty purpose room like a conference room.
  • Easy Installation

  •  Privacy Pods can be delivered pre-assembled or as knockdown units for on-site installation. Each booth includes pre-wired electrical connections, data hook-ups, a stainless-steel countertop, and other features, providing a ready-to-go functional workspace.
  • For more information on our Privacy Pods, contact our team at 800.636.3873, email info@panelbuild.com, or talk to us using the LiveChat feature at the bottom right of your screen.

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