1.1 Mezzanine shall be prefabricated custom design as manufactured by Panel-Built, Inc., 906 Beasley Street, Blairsville, GA 30512.

1.2 Mezzanine shall be free-standing and shall not use existing walls or building columns for vertical support.

1.3 Mezzanine shall be capable of being erected, dismantled, and relocated with hand tools.

1.4 Bidder shall include the following information with bid package:

1.4.1 Design load in pounds per square floor (psf).

1.4.2 Deflection when live load is applied.

1.4.3 Maximum column load in pounds.

1.4.4 Shipping weight.

1.4.5 Height to top of deck and minimum clear height below mezzanine.

1.5 The manufacturer shall supply drawings by a qualified designer showing location of each component for approval. Elevation views available upon request.

1.6 Manufacturer shall offer certification of final drawings by a Professional Engineer licensed in the state in which the installation will occur