A Short Background On Mezzanines By Panel Built


Mezzanines by Panel Built, Inc. provide ideal views of work areas in plants and industrial complexes, and they convert space that would otherwise be wasted and convert them into work areas that are productive. These mezzanines are also ideal for implant supervisory offices and work stations that are out of the main production areas, and yet have the vision of seeing entire vistas of plant operations. The durable load bearing systems support construction of a two-story nature and can meet military specifications, as they can be built to accommodate practically any space requirement needs.   The mezzanines can be constructed for just about any need in any configuration that will suit the purpose of the customer. Customizable sizes, spans, heights, landings and decking materials and stair configurations are as flexible as the desired use requires. Mezzanines by Panel Built build their products to be especially tough and durable and provide long lasting use, with the safest and lowest maintenance. They provide the most productive and innovative two story metal structures on the market today. These systems are easily built as they can be installed quickly and can be designed on a custom basis to suit any space optimally. For example if you need a office above a manufacturing floor that can be used to spot problems and bottlenecks in a production line, a mezzanine platform can be constructed with an office for just that purpose. Since the units are modular in nature, they can be constructed and bolted into place with ease. Space can be maximized with a two or even a three-story setup, and access to these levels can be easily made available with customized powder coated steel stair systems. The structures are manufactured and fitted together so that they can conform to OSHA and IBC standards. Fixed access ladders and cage ladders can be affixed in any configuration imagined to provide functional access to the mezzanines. Panel Built was founded by two brothers, Mike and Pat Kiernan in 1995. Starting out by building some pre-manufactured modular structures, the brothers branched out until today they specialize in a complete array of modular offices, guard towers, exterior buildings, mezzanines, clean rooms, work platforms and cat walks. All of the products are customized and built on-site in state of the art facilities for manufacturing. Mezzanines by Panel Built come from a company that believes in total customer satisfaction because they will listen very closely to what the customer wants to do with the structure, and then they strive to make the explanation the get from the custom turn into reality. The feeling is that the customer must have exactly what is desired that will provide a cost that is within their budget. It is the customer relationships and rapport that the company has with its customers that form the future success of the company. Added good will is provided with Panel Built’s  exclusive warranty for workmanship which backs all of their projects 100%. If the customer is not happy with the final result of any particular project, then Panel Built will work on the project until the customer is fully satisfied. When designing mezzanines, Panel Built provides free quotes on a confidential basis complete with CAD drawings to further spell out how the final product will look and act on the job. There is always part of the team that is specifically assigned to the particular job that will be available for questions and concerns about a quotation, freight considerations, an order, or changes in the project. The customer service department works in tandem with the shipping and installation departments to make sure of on-time delivery and project set-up. Panel Built will tackle jobs that other companies will only talk about. We have a complete engineering department that double-checks everything about your project and all of its moving parts from start to finish. An example of the type of work that Panel Built, Inc. does was when a world leading manufacturer of automotive aluminum parts needed more storage space because of increasing demand by their customers. The recommendation was to have an elevated office system with the needed storage space to be made available underneath the offices in the form of rack storage. The auto manufacturing plant ran furnaces that generated heat of up to 1500 degrees to melt the aluminum to make cylinder heads for automobile engines. Since the temperature in the factory was often in the 110 degree range, installation would be a challenge. Panel Built, Inc. was the company given the bid to go ahead and put in a modular office system to be constructed on a mezzanine that was 16 feet off the ground. The entire system was designed, built and installed within one month of the date of the original purchase order. Mezzanines by Panel Built performs many similar jobs that provide custom build outs that will solve particular problems and needs. Many efficiencies and ongoing design flows can be determined before hand, and placed into real life structures very quickly with a maximum of efficiency and purpose.