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Warehouse Office Modular
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Modular Offices Are A Fast & Convenient Way To Make Office Space!

Panel Built modular buildings are a fast & convenient way to provide a quiet and comfortable workplace for your facility, office, school, or general workplace. Panel Built utilizes a highly flexible design with customizable composite sandwich panels to seamlessly blend into any environment.  Our wall panels, paired with our binder-post system, allows Panel Built to easily create 100% custom layouts that are adapted to fit into your existing facility's layout.  From simple single office configurations to multi-story prefab office complexes, Panel Built can design, engineer, fabricate, ship, and fully install the system, offering complete turn-key modular office solutions.

Create The Modular Office Space That Fits Your Facility

Panel Built believes that each project deserves the best possible solution.  To accomplish this, Panel Built offers a variety of ways to customize and adjust our modular offices to fit your existing space.  For facilities tight on space, Panel Built offers elevated inplant buildings and multi-story office systems, maximizing the use of the vertical space in your facility.  Additionally, Panel Built  walls can be formed from a variety of materials to provide increased STC Ratings (Sound Dampening), R-Value (Insulation), and Fire Resistance.  Panel Built systems can be formed from both Non-Combustible & 1 Hour Fire Rated assemblies to meet certain fire codes.

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Take A Look At Some Of Our Past Projects!

With our panelized building method, we can help you create practically any layout or design you want. Take a look at some of the possibilities! 
Multi-Story Office System with Catwalk
Multistory Office System for Military
Elevated Supervisor's Office in custom color
Elevated Supervisor's Inplant Office
Small Office with Guard Rail
Single-Person Office Space with Railing
Modular Office on a Mezzanine
Mezzanine Office with Stairs
Outdoor Modular Office with brick siding
Exterior Rated Preassembled Building
Modular Office Interior laboratory space
Modular Laboratory Interior

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Panel Built Offers Over 25 Years Experience In The Industry

Panel Built has had the honor to work with some of the greatest companies all across the United States and internationally. From school systems to manufacturers to the United States military, organizations of all types can find themselves in need of new office space quickly.  

With our years of experience in prefabricated construction, Panel Built has the knowledge and quality products to find the best space solution for you. 

Panel Built Offers More Than Just A Product

With our customer-service driven team, Panel Built strives to not just provide you with a quality product, but to deliver added value through our knowledgeable staff and dealer network.  Through this network, Panel Built can provide site visits to help you plan out your new structure and determine the best layout for your facility.  From large multi-room complexes to single-person workrooms, we are more than happy to help!

Why Go With Panel Built for your Next Modular Office Project? 

Modular Offices Are Prefabricated, Yet Fully Customizable

Panel Built's mission is " To Solve Our Customers' Space Needs With Excellence and Great Customer Service. " To best meet our customers' needs Panel Built allows for fully custom modular office layouts, allowing you to create multiple office spaces, storage rooms, restrooms, breakrooms, cafeterias, and more from a single project! 
Let us know your application, and we will help you get started on a solution today! 

Designed For Minimal On-Site Disruption!

With our prefabricated system, your new office will be require minimal on-site disruption for your facility compared to stick-built alternatives.  Panel Built also offers installation across the United States and some locations internationally.  Panel Built utilizes a network of professional installers to help offer easy and affordable office installation to all our customers. 
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