All Black Mezzanine System for Car Dealership

All Black Mezzanine for Car Dealership


Panel Built had to be able to design, manufacture, and install the large two-story mezzanine to provide extra storage capacity for vehicle supplies and components. The corporation needed a development that suited the aesthetic of their building as well, so an all-black steel structure helped to make the facility more sporty while holding extra parts.


Working with Sean Robinson at Sync-Storage, Panel Built manufactured the Mezzanine Platform to provide a multi-use structure with many spacing opportunities for the automotive dealership. This 10' x 24' mezzanine system was delivered to Town Center Nissan in Kennesaw, Georgia.  The steel platform provides an additional 345 sq ft of storage space for their vehicle service area.


The mezzanine features an IBC stair system with closed risers and diamond plate treads.  The mezzanine deck provides 125 pounds per square foot load rating with 22 gauge steel decking and Advantech subsurface. The deck railing includes a Panel Built swing gate for the safe and convenient loading & off-loading of parts and materials.

The clear height of the mezzanine is 108" and the deck height is 126 1/2''. The weight of the column load is 14,560 pounds.

A 5" x 5" x 3/ 16" squared column with a 5/8" x 12" x square plate is supplementary and loading to the mezzanine floor support. Column loading is the full weight of the current floor if the mezzanine is filled on each square foot to the maximum capacity. The end-user can check if their floor is strong enough to allow loading of the columns.

Decks are made up of a galvanized metal B-deck as a sub-surface of no less than 20 Gauge 1 1/2." Finally, the decking floor is 345 square feet. 1 stair BC handrails included with one six-foot wide 65 lf double swing gate.

Thanks to Sean Robinson at Sync-Storage for the great work ensuring this project was a success!

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