Manhattanville College

Custom Guard Booth

School Guard Booth

Challenge: Manhattanville College needed an extra addition to their beautiful college campus that provided safety and style. When the old, gorgeous college asked if Panel Built could provide a guard booth that also contained stone on it, Panel Built provided. They needed an unusual guard booth with an extra
bit of style.

Solution: Panel Built provided a building that could provide protection for the campus and had stone that came half-way up it to blend in with the rest of the Manhattanville College’s architecture.

Panel Built Delivers: To meet the needs of Manhattanville College, Panel Built did everything in their power to provide the college with an
architecturally-styled guard booth. Panel Built contacted a stone vendor, Fullerton Finish Systems, to work with them to attach stones to the panels. After the stone was attached to the panels Panel Built’s team cut them perfectly so they could attach to one another to make the guard booth.

Prefabricated Guard Shack

Project Specs: 5′ X 10′ guard booth with stone attached. A standing seam roof. Through wall HVAC.

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