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Custom Guard Booth

Panel Built toll booths will provide you with the perfect area to collect for the toll for a road, bridge, or parking lot. Our prefabricated, exterior buildings make for excellent toll booths because they offer a comfortable environment, are entirely mobile, and are the most affordable option on the market.  When deciding on a toll booth project, prefabricated booths provide you with many different advantages that stick-built booths cannot.  

Our prefabricated toll booths for sale are designed, engineered, and manufactured all within our facility, so all that is left on site is installation.  This allows you to have the minimum amount of downtime on-site, making it quicker and easier for you to collect tolls and earn money. On top of this, our toll booths are constructed to meet all codes and requirements of stick-built structures. These booths can be built fully equipped with HVAC, electrical, full windows, and custom made to your specific designs.


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