Interior Structures Case Studies

Two Story Modular Office

Two-Story Office Complex at Joint Base Andrews

Working with Philip Downs at Cooper Support Services LLC, Panel Built manufactured a Two-Story Modular Office and Mezzanine Complex to provide a multi-use structure with limited space....


Mezzanine Offices for Novae

Novae found themselves with an issue on the location of their supervisor offices in their Markle, Indiana manufacturing facility.  Previously, the supervisors were located nearly 500 yards away from their manufacturing cells...

Modular Office Mezzanine

Inplant Offices on Mezzanine

Modular In-plant Office on a MezzanineThe resurgence of the automotive industry brought new life to this Tennessee plant. Nemak needed to accommodate increased customer orders by freeing up additional space for rack storage...


Executive Coach Builders

Modular office & two mezzanines Executive Coach Builders is the second-largest manufacturer of limousines in the world. Their 100,000 sq...

Modular Control Room

Modular Office on Mezzanine Serves a Unique Purpose

North American Stainless needed a quality contol inspection “pulpit” where operators could examine new sheets of steel for imperfections. Panel Built and Alba Manufacturing came up with a unique solution...

2 story modular building

Two Story Modular Building for Jet Hangar

Andy Albright and the National Agents Alliance wanted to provide a little bit of luxury in their new Jet Hangar in Burlington, NC


Modular CMM Room

Modular CMM Room with Tall Walls

Georgia manufacturer Corrugated Replacements needed to create a temperature-controlled, secure clean room for a Coordinate Measuring Machine in a busy factory. Panel Built supplied the perfect solution...

Three Story Modular Office

One Hour Fire Rated Modular Office System

Challenge: To design and construct four one-hour fire-rated modular office systems that would maximize workspace, while preserving valuable floor space in the base hangers. The structures had to be weathertight, placed on uneven floors, and capable of withstanding 50 mph wind loads...

Two Story Office

Two Story Modular Inplant Office

Custom 2-story inplant office for AccentureFocused on delivering innovation to their clients, Accenture had a vision of a unique and innovative space to represent this.They chose Panel Built and Quality Engineering Company to bring their concept to reality...


Bic Corp Breakroom

Having a quiet place for employees to take breaks is a great way to increase productivity.  Bic Corp recognized this and realized their existing space could use an upgrade...

Custom Modular Office

Custom Inplant for Electronics Manufacturer

The company, Crestron Electronics, was looking for a specialized work area that could accommodate the movement of tall equipment, and machinery...


Working with Dyna-Lift on the project, Panel Built went through different design iterations in order to find the perfect solution for Kinpak. This modular inplant office’s installation would be the first ever....


Modular Office Building for Honda of South Carolina 

Honda of South Carolina searched for a way to enclose the area and offer a quieter and more controlled environment.


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