Steel Canopies & Solar Canopies

Using our bolt-together steel systems, Panel Built, Inc. provides a practical and resourceful solution to your canopy needs.  With a variety of applications from parking lot canopies to bleacher covers, our steel canopies provide shelter from harsh weather and even sun damage.  These systems, similarly to our mezzanine systems, are completely fabricated at our facility and only need to be installed after being delivered to your facility.  With the structure being manufactured and the job site being prepped at the same time, the entire project time will be as minimal as possible. However, one of the biggest benefits of our steel canopy systems is that they can be upgraded to solar canopies.

Our steel solar canopies provide all of the same benefits as your regular canopy systems while providing your facility with an environmentally friendly source of energy.  As for Panel Built's headquarters, we have multiple sets of these solar panel canopies, providing us with a reliable and sustainable source to help power our facilities.

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Similar To Steel Canopies

Standard Options

    • Modular bolt-together systems
    • Variety of designs and canopy lengths
    • Heavy-duty columns & baseplates
    • Solar canopy options
    • Canopies can be flat, ascending, or descending.
    • Environmentally friendly energy option


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