November 2013
  • 25 Nov 2013

    The 21st Century Guard Booth Solution

    Does your operation require a guard booth, check point, security shelter or a similar type of installation? If so, you should consider the sensible and modern solution that a modular building can provide. These steel-walled buildings provide the strength and durability that you need. They can also b
  • 4 Nov 2013

    What You Don’t Know about Guardhouses

    Custom Guard Booth
      Place your security officers in the most pivotal position in your facility in order to have the strongest grip on your company's security. For a variety of guardhouse choices, search through Pane Built guard booths which are available in modular designs. We custom design and custom buil
  • 28 Nov 2013

    Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Guard Booth

    Historically, besides serving as security home, guard houses were also used to house equipment that was used in war. These booths also served as jails for prisoners of different crimes. In the more recent days, guard booths serve as checkpoints in different privately owned properties and commercial
  • 29 Nov 2013

    Get High Quality Guard Booths from Panel Built

    Security is important both at home and the workplace. If you have security personnel at your premises, you should get them guard booths. Guard booths, also known as guard shacks or guard houses, are intended to protect occupants from extreme weather conditions. The houses are versatile and have d
  • 18 Nov 2013

    Top Quality Security Booths from Panel Built

    Panel Built provides durable, safe and secure security booths that can be used as guard houses, security check-points, border inspection units and tower observation units. Our guard house units are used by private residential clients, commercial industries and governmental institutions. The security
  • 8 Nov 2013

    Panel Built: Handling All Your Guard Shack Needs

    Our world wouldn't be effective without security guards. They are the people who enforce the law, and keep our society safe and functioning. Often times, these community figures can be found in a guard shack. These structures commonly referred to as guard booths serve a variety of purposes. Security



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