January 2017
  • 27 Jan 2017

    Advantages of Modular Substation Buildings

    Substation Building
    Substation buildings and enclosures require very strict standard and code requirements due to the high levels of electricity flowing through the equipment.  Panel Built’s modularized substation buildings not only meet all of these high standards but will meet them swiftly and affordably. &nbs
  • 20 Jan 2017

    How to Improve Your Warehouse Mezzanine

    For most companies looking to expand the room in their warehouse facility, the mezzanine platform will have a distinctive purpose to that facility. Whether the structure will function as a work platform, storage area, or if it is going to hold equipment, it will require different specifications and
  • 10 Jan 2017

    Modular Office Wall Panel Types

    Modular Office Wall Panel Types
      Although Panel Built’s typical modular office uses our standard vinyl covered gypsum wall panel, we offer a wide variety of different modular office wall panel materials, each with their own specific benefits. We provide all of these different options because we pride ourselves on always



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