October 2013
  • 27 Oct 2013

    Mezzanines by Panel Built – The Smart Business Space Solution

    Have you been thinking about building an extra building or even moving your company because your needs have grown and you need extra space. There might be a much less expensive and less disruptive solution that you can implement right away. Consider Mezzanines by Panel Built as an economical solutio
  • 7 Oct 2013

    How To Reduce Your Costs When Installing Mezzanines

    A mezzanine floor is a semi permanent structure which is created between the existing floor and the ceiling, in order to create an additional level. This is considered a highly cost effective way to extend available space when compared to alternative means such as relocating or extending premises. H
  • 9 Oct 2013

    The Benefits of Mezzanines by Panel Built

    Mezzanines by Panel Built are one of the best options available on the market for those interested in finding something worthwhile and feasible. Most property owners are found searching for a method to ensure the space purchased is maximized and used efficiently. Yet, there are minimal options avail
  • 10 Oct 2013

    Panel Built Mezzanines: Top Quality And Durability

    Panel Built Logo
    Panel Built is a company that offers many types of prefabricated structures including modular office buildings and mezzanines. These buildings can be custom designed to fit any needs that you have. Not only are these structures cost-efficient, but they are also easily installed and can fit a variety
  • 25 Oct 2013

    Find The Special Mezzanines Price

      One of the most efficient ways to increase your working, manufacturer, or even living spaces is with a mezzanine. A mezzanine is simply a raised platform over the floor. Because it provides a deck over the floor, it can effectively almost double the space you have without actually having t
  • 11 Oct 2013

    Mezzanines: How Can They Help Make Your Operations More Efficient?

    If you have anything to do with manufacturing, then you are very familiar with mezzanines. A mezzanine is going to give you what is called a "floor between a floor." Since you can purchase these pre-fabricated structures for pretty cheap, it makes sense to do so if you could use the extra space. Man



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